「365 Days Calendar 2017」

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original calendar 2017
「365 Days Calendar 2017」


・「365 Days Calendar 2017」
・「Watermarked Calendar 2017」
・「Date Sheet」


また、このカレンダーは付属の「Date Sheet」(日にちだけが書かれたもの)を下に敷き、裏から光を当てれば従来のカレンダーの日にちが透かし絵のように出てくる仕掛けになっています。

「Watermarked Calendar」の方ですが、こちらも同様に「Date Sheet」を下に敷き、裏から光を当てれば透かし絵のように従来のカレンダーが現われます。「365 Days Calendar」に比べ、数字が入っていない分だけ見やすくなります。


Each day is counted from 1 to 365.
This calendar will keep you focused on the big picture, reminding you to spend each day more thoughtfully, and will give you a new experience of the passage of time.
A “Date Sheet” is included with each calendar.
By placing this page under the calendar and shining a light on it, the regular calendar day numbers will show through.
This way you can have fun while still being able to check the regular calendar days easily.
The “Watermarked Calendar” also includes the same“Date Sheet” and by placing it under the calendar page and shining a light on it, you can see the regular calendar days.
Compared to the “365 Days Calendar” these numbers are slightly easier to see because there are no numbers on the calendar pages.
Switch them out depending on your preference or mood of the day.





[Calendar Concept]
We all have a certain image of what a calendar is. We’ve learned it through years of looking at the same calendar again and again.
But what if we turned the traditional calendar on its head?
What if we played with our view of the passage of time?
I hope to create calendars that do just that. There are enough “useful” calendars out there.That’s not what mine are meant for. Rather, I hope they will be something to put up like a piece of art and enjoy.
Something there to remind you to reframe the mundane and the ordinary.
Just like you have different bags for different occasions,I say why not have different calendars for a fresh view of life?
I hope these calendars will surprise and inspire you to step outside the box!

Shuji Tsumura